It’s Been A While

I hope you are all well and that the financial winds blow strongly for you. I stopped blogging back at the start of 2019 for various reasons: 1) My girlfriend moved in with me and our finances became more intertwined - she gamely let me incorporate her income, expenses, and net worth into my spreadsheet, … Continue reading It’s Been A While

November & December 2018 Review

Hello all and apologies for my absence, I don't really know where the last two months went. I wanted to get through the monthly posts quicker so I have more time for my end of year review and some other posts I've been thinking about writing, so I've combined November and December into one post. … Continue reading November & December 2018 Review

On Dieting

So I started a new diet recently. I've been putting if off for a while - here were some of my excuses: "Well there's no point starting a new diet before our holiday, I'll wait til after..." "I can't start a new diet while the World Cup is on, that's crazy talk..." "The festival is … Continue reading On Dieting