August 2018 Review

I'm really late this month with my monthly review because everything's got a bit crazy busy. My girlfriend is moving in with me, so if our weekends weren't busy enough already there's that to contend with. I've been remortgaging both of my houses, which means paperwork all over the place. I lost my wallet a … Continue reading August 2018 Review


Why You Should Calculate Imputed Rent

Last week I wrote about savings rates and how I calculate them. This week I want to expand on that and show you how I factor in my house and my mortgage. Again I'm not saying this is the only right way to do it, but it makes logical sense to me and I wanted … Continue reading Why You Should Calculate Imputed Rent

On Dieting

So I started a new diet recently. I've been putting if off for a while - here were some of my excuses: "Well there's no point starting a new diet before our holiday, I'll wait til after..." "I can't start a new diet while the World Cup is on, that's crazy talk..." "The festival is … Continue reading On Dieting

June 2018 Review

This post is a bit late this month, the World Cup has taken over my life somewhat, and that along with a slightly shameful fascination with Love Island has meant I have had precious few evenings or weekends to find time to write. I've been considering buying a waistcoat as well, but I can't think … Continue reading June 2018 Review