Who Am I?

I am, at time of writing (September 2017), a 32 year-old business analyst living in Northampton, UK, and I’ve decided it’s time for me to document where I am and where I hope to get to. I like how other bloggers have been documenting their efforts, their monthly budgets and savings results, their investment decisions, and their difficulties and successes and I’d like to emulate that. But more than anything else this blog is a space for me to put my ideas in writing, to air some grievances (ie have a rant or two!) and hopefully make some interesting insights along the way.


Financial Independence, Retire Early – I’m going to assume anyone reading this will know about the concepts of FIRE, safe withdrawal rates, passive investment in index trackers and the like. My main method of achieving FIRE will be through rental properties and index trackers. I also have an interest in decluttering and saving, frugal living and other philosophical ideas.

Deliberate living, that is the aim. No longer will I coast along as though in a daydream – I’ve been there and it ended badly.

Philosophy and Creative Writing

My background is mainly in philosophy – I studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at degree level and then did a Political Philosophy masters, all at York University. You may see some of my philosophical side come out in my posts. Recently I’ve also been getting into Creative Writing – I did a Creative Writing A-Level and am now studying for a Creative Writing Diploma at Oxford University. One day I’d like to get a book or three published though I’ve still a lot to learn there.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there,

    This is Mrs W from What Life Could Be. I’m also one of the people behind FIREhub.eu, a portal about all things FI in Europe. We’ve added your blog to our site and I was wondering if you’re ok with that? Please e-mail me at mrsw (at) whatlifecouldbe (dot) eu and I can give your more information about the project (there’s no money involved and we’re not asking your to sell anything).

    Mrs W


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